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Why Pibex club ?
- It hard to look after membership, pibex club will take care of your business membership people.

How it work ?
- Be Pibexclub partner, will get free bonus point and reward to who purchase in your business.
- If not enough point you can charge point and keep give to business visitors.

Charge point ? Sound like lose money.
- Yes, it is. Spend money and fill your point up.
- Pibexclub member will stack up point and then will spend back to your business, then you will get back your point.

How will refund point to money ?
- You can apply refund anytime in Pibex partner app.

If Pibexclub member not spend point in my store ?
- Do not worry about your point. Pibex club will guarantee your money.

How will guarantee ?
- Pibex partner is not franchises, you are our business partner.
- Premium partner guarantee up to 100% + bonus

What’s meaning about bonus ?
- You are our business partner
- every end of financial year, Pibex club will give bonus to partners(According to the Pibex club growth rate)

How will calculation growth rate ?
- Defense of how much you charge point, how much point you spent, every partners will get deference bonus.

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